Being in this industry, it is normal for me to meet ridiculously rich people. In my experience interacting with them and also reading about the most successful people in the world, I’ve come to realize that while studying and working hard can get you on top, adopting good habits are equally important. In this article, I’ve compiled 10 things millionaires do which you should consider doing if you want to be just as successful.

1. They establish a clear set of goals.

It is true that life is full of uncertainties and plot twists. No matter how carefully you plan your life, not everything will turn out the way you want them to. Despite this fact, you should still set goals for yourself and give yourself something concrete to work towards and push you to be better at what you do. Your goals will serve as your markers for success and you should constantly re-evaluate, adjust, and set greater ones as you accomplish each one.

2. They wake up early.

Have you heard of a self-made millionaire who just slept it off and magically woke up extremely rich? Of course not! Being a millionaire takes a lot of work. If you want to achieve your goals, start by waking up early—there are tons of work to be done! I personally wake up before 6AM in the morning despite trading the US market just to get ready for the Philippine Stock Market.

3. They strive to learn something new everyday.

Successful people are aware that knowledge is power and it is important to invest in yourself. This means you should allow yourself to learn new skills that will get you on top. For instance, if you are a stock market investor, you should voraciously consume educational materials on investing, stay updated on the latest market news, or probably learn technical analysis.

4. They are committed to improve themselves.

This is somehow related to the one above, but this one focuses more on reflecting and evaluating your key strengths that you can leverage and being aware of your weaknesses that you need to improve. For instance, if you are a trader and your weakness is that you sometimes let your emotions get in the way of making sound trading decisions, you can commit towards implementing better emotional management strategies.

5. They save money.

Successful people appreciate the true value of money and do not splurge on unnecessary things. Millionaire investors save a significant portion of their earnings and even reinvest them to make more, instead of spending money for pleasure.

6. They have a mentor.

Behind the success of any person is an awesome mentor. Not only are mentors beneficial because they can help you avoid mistakes, but it also helps to have someone to look up to and guide you along the way.

7. They surround themselves with other successful people.

Many people may not realize this, but it really helps to surround yourself with people who are better than you—more intelligent, richer, more talented, etc. Trust me, it will begin to rub off on you. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should do this to keep yourself motivated and not envious of others’ success. Plus, surrounding yourself with these kinds of people will help you establish connections and a strong network that will benefit you in the long run.

8. They look at the bigger picture.

Successful people do not just focus on what’s on the surface, but rather on the bigger picture. If you want to be like them, you should always think and strategize the way you play chess—you don’t just analyze the next move, but rather think five moves ahead. In this way, you will surely win.

9. They NEVER give up.

Here’s the thing about millionaires: Giving up is simply not on their vocabulary. Being successful requires solid commitment on your goals, persistence, and tenacity. No matter how many times you fall, you just bounce back and recover. Never ever throw in the towel. Just don’t.

10. They take time off.

It’s not all work for millionaires, they also take time to unwind and relax. Don’t let yourself get burnt out or lose focus because you’re overworking. Strike a balance in your life by learning when to step back, spend with people you love, and engage in an activity that you truly enjoy. Work-life balance isn’t overrated.

By adopting these ten habits that millionaires have, you will surely be able to achieve success faster. Cheers! BOOMIE!


John Edward Yu

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