Stock Reflection:

When it broke P10.00 I should have bought even a little just to get my FOMO (fear of missing out) out of the way. The next formation came and I was not patient enough to hold it, so I got left behind again from Php12 to Php15. After missing out on a 50% move from  Php10, I decided to  position myself at 17.30 and put a HARD STOP (meaning I will not sell until it hits that price) at the bottom of the range or box at Php16.

I computed my risk and bought the right number of shares so when it hits Php16 i will lose only 1% of my portfolio. This is the risk management style  I teach all my students.  At the break of Php18 I added to my position on the confirmation of the breakout and started selling in tranches starting at 20 all the way up to 26.

Instead of complaining that I missed the move at Php 10, and at Php 12. I took action and the necessary adjustments to capitalize on the next move. I’ll take the 44% gain plus the lessons  that I learned here.

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