Stock Reflection:

Initially I bought at Php10.50 then lightened up when it did not go my way. I waited for MACD to fully correct then entered at the breakout day at Php10.50 – Php11.00 on confirmation. I immediately sold 1/3 at 13 and then decided to sell everything at Php13.80 with the one day reversal candle at the top.

Lessons here:
I computed the previous breakout move from 8 to 10.50 which is a 31% move. To have a rough idea of my expectations I decided to input a 31% move from the next breakout which is at Php10.50. that will be … 10.50 X 1.31 = Php 13.75. BOOM! I sold nearly at the top. I don’t know if it was luck but I got lucky i got out there for around 24% gain.
EEI stock fell to 12% to Php12.30 before rallying to Php15.30 three weeks after I sold. That’s another 10% gain but with 3 weeks additional holding period.

Lesson: Setting a target price, sticking to it. Let it go. You can’t sell at the top. Be contented and stop complaining about things you can’t control.

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