When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful!

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Hello stock market addicts my name is John Edward Yu and I’m a licensed broker and equities trader for Citisecurities Inc. and I specialize only on the most explosive stocks in the market.

For the past 3 years I have been outperforming the stock market using my momentum trading strategies. Over the last 10 years, I have spent over 25,000 hours studying countless chart patterns while reading a different book every month to reinforce my knowledge on market psychology.

Recently, i participated in this Stock Market Competition where I came out on top, beating 1,800 contestants in the Philippines. I have been maintaining an anonymous twitter account about stocks for the past 3 years until my recent achievement forced me to reveal who I am. That contest inspired hundreds of emails from people who wanted to know more about me and my trading strategies.

So I hand picked 6 aspiring traders and taught them the “BOOMIE” system and that’s how the BOOMIE CIRCLE was formed. After creating this group, I realized that there are still a lot of people who are hungry to learn how to trade momentum stocks, so i came up with a 1 on 1 mentorship program where I teach the simple BOOMIE system focusing on momentum stocks with a fixed risk management style.

Trading does not need to be complicated, so I try to make it as simple as possible for everyone. I have touched more than 1000 people from all age groups. Those who want to learn how to make money in the stock market.

Some of them are OFWs from Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait, Belgium, Japan, USA, Abu Dhabi.. etc while some are trained professionals in their fields but want to learn how to trade for retirement, others are the hungry millennials who want to become their own boss by trading stocks while travelling the world. All of them have 1 thing in common, their passion for the stock market and their hunger for financial freedom. This blog aims to educate people about trading, investing, and most importantly how to keep your hard earned money.


John Edward Yu


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The 1 on 1 session with Mr. Yu was a game changer for me in stock trading. Before, I was trading breakouts and pullbacks that I learned before from the book. I was following what I learned from the book religiously and still losing money so that made me wonder what am I doing wrong. During the session, I compared his momentum trading to my system. It was almost the same but what I lack is the proper risk management, which he taught me. I learned that it is okay to have many losing trades and a few winning trades. What’s important is you manage your losses by managing the risks you take every trade. Also, I learned his trading techniques that are very effective combined with proper risk management. After the session and some time, I can say that I am doing much better than before in trading.Approximately, I lose small on 7 out of 10 trades and win big with the rest. Even though I have more losing trades, I still win with the proper rish management that Mr. Yu taught me.

Kyle Vincent A. Carigo

Mechanical Engineer

During the first week of February, I was very lucky to have the consultation with Sir Boomie. Listening to him teach his techniques made me rethink the setup I used before and review the analysis I have made in the past. He is very approachable and patient in answering questions. Days later, I was able to gain from alphas such as BLOOM, WLCON, and PIZZA. It was also my first time successfully riding a ceiling play, holding HVN for 4 days for 50%+ realized gain. February was a stellar month for someone like me who opened a stock account last year and only started actively trading this year. Not to sugar coat things, I still experienced a series of losses during March as the market went sour. This made me realize more the significance of the consultation as my losses would have been a lot worse without the consultation. Before the consultation, I already “knew” that risk management is important but I was just shrugging it off and I was only randomly sizing my position and risk. It seemed I had to hear it directly from someone credible for it to be ingrained in my head. The 1-on1 has a huge impact on me as meeting the Investa champ not only motivated me to perform well but also enabled me to ride momentum plays and minimiz my losses. That’s the Boomie effect, I guess.


College Student


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