Basketball fans can sense when their team is playing to win or playing not to lose. Such mentality applies mostly to team sports. A team on the verge of winning a game suddenly decides to play it safe. Instead of going for the kill, they lose their drive and eventually lose the game.
You speculate if it’s a deliberate strategy or a psychological collapse. In some cases, an opponent sees the hesitation. It opens an opportunity to shift the momentum and steal the win. The pressure of winning a game or the fear of losing happens in the world of sports. If you ask me, the same thing occurs always to a stock market trader.

Loss of confidence

A sure victory can turn into a bitter defeat when there is a loss of confidence. The pressure of winning a trade or sealing a deal sometimes becomes too strong that it gets into your nerves. There is a feeling of incompetence. You get nervous. But you have to understand that it could happen to the best of them. And I am no exception.

There are moments in your professional career when you begin to question your own capabilities. You are placed in such a state whenever you commit a mistake or confronted by an unfamiliar situation. A serious mistake on the job can be discouraging for others. Recovering from it is difficult that at times it can bring a huge blow on your career.

Another reason why the loss of confidence ensues is when you encounter a problem that is difficult to solve. You search for solutions that your mental faculties seem unable to find. That’s the challenge everyone faces when winning is on the line.

When you begin playing not to lose, you also lose focus on your main goal. You concentrate on protecting your capital rather than continue increasing your gains.

Always believe in yourself

One of the things I find upsetting is when I fall short of my objectives. As much as possible, I would like to monitor my own performance. I know I can’t predict the outcome of my future performance because the stock market where I trade is unpredictable. However, the uncertainty should not undermine my motivation to succeed.

What I have been doing over the last 10 years is learning how to adjust whenever new challenges arise in volatile market conditions. Regardless of the change in market sentiment, the only thing that remains constant is that I play to win.

You too can sustain the competitive spirit if you always believe in yourself. I’m not talking about pride or ego. What I’m driving at is the eagerness to put in the hours, work hard, and reinforce my knowledge.
How can you believe in yourself if you don’t persevere and equip yourself with the proper tools? Whether as an equities trader or mentor, I look for opportunities to learn and grow. Being a better version of you is like coming from a training camp. You’re always ready to set the highest win-loss record of the season.

Boomie Mentality

Winners are born because they possess the winning mentality. Do not confuse playing to win as the same as playing not to lose. They are entirely different. Set high standards for yourself, take risks and throw away overconfidence. You play because your primary goal is to win.

Those who settle for the safe side by playing not to lose often blow their chances of winning. They come unprepared for the game. When the winning time comes, they become disoriented. Imagine losing a game that you’re supposed to win.

When I conduct my training sessions with aspiring traders, I never recommend trading not to lose. It defeats the very purpose of what I stand for. I instill passion and hunger. I only share with them the winning ways of a successful stock market trader.

A true competitor will not relax and is expected to meet the challenge without hesitation. The moment you firm up your goals, there is no turning back. I keep emphasizing to every student “to be confident in yourself and your abilities.”

It took time before I also achieved self-confidence. I was not distracted by what other people think. As I developed my skills and expertise, my unwavering faith in my abilities was established. When you believe in yourself, you’re actually creating a winning atmosphere.

Sometimes the worry or fear is self-imposed, if not imagined. Every time I am presented with a challenge, I see an opportunity to test my own capabilities. How can I measure my real worth when I entertain the thought of losing? In case I lose, I take responsibility.

Vince Lombardi, an American football player in the early 1900s was quoted as saying, “If you can’t shrug off a loss, you can’t be a winner.” So coming from a loss, you can expect me to put up a better game next time.

The Heart of a Champion

When you’re done mastering the ways of a winner, prepare yourself to be elevated. Winners don’t rest on their achievements. Athletes preparing for the Olympic Games aim for greatness. Being chosen to be part of the team is an accomplishment already. But the ultimate goal is to climb up the podium.

The level of competition is higher that hopefuls had to go through years of intense training and preparation. Although not everyone wins in the medal race, you know all competitors have the makings of a champion.

In a similar fashion, you shouldn’t be content with just being a winning stock market trader. I encourage you to develop the heart of a champion. You don’t need to be on the world stage to be recognized.
In truth, our calling is to become champions in our own right. We can live a life of prosperity if we can transform into the very best version of ourselves. I’ve been sharing my knowhow with others because I want to form a team of champions. And my team always plays to win.

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