1 on 1 session with boomie was all worth it, I was enlighten how to trade simple but profitable at low risk, Learn the use of indicators for confirmation/validation in a simple way. How the psychology of the price action on a momentum candles, where to enter and how to manage selling without whipsaws, how to size your position based on what the chart gives you. How to make a Game Plan and How to protect your profits and capital. Plus an exclusive access to the membership area where premium contents like videos of strategies of trending stocks. plus Unlimited consultation hahaha

I felt comfortable at my trades when I learn the boomie way.

“Preparation builds Self-Confidence & consequently omits Fear”.

John Sahagun

OFW Architect, Doha Qatar

Thanks for sharing your your knowledge, I learned a lot from proper position sizing, risk management, and especially how to nail profits. I’m pretty sure this would help me to be consistent with my trades since the rules are straight forward and very clear. I will use this system with discipline. Thanks again and I really enjoyed our session, It’s totally worth it.

Nelson Salazar

OFW, 38 years old

Thank you is a word not enough to show how grateful i am to meet and be mentored by one of the best if not the best mentor and trader in the Philippines….. Mr. BobbyAxelRod the “Lodi” Boomie. sharing unselfishly your knowledge, skills and strategies acquired thru the years of your hardwork just only shows your generosity, care and how big your heart is for others. Your technique is easy to understand and apply especially for a newbie like me but gives a very powerful result(boomie). Hoping to master your perfect technique the soonest.



The training is concise and straight forward. You’ll learn about what setup to look for, when to enter and when to exit. The risk management is given importance as well since this is one of the reasons why most traders fail. Two thumbs up sir Boomiee!!

Ryan Bagtasa

IT Professional, 34 years old

After my 1 on 1 consultation with Sir Boomie, one thing is for sure, I learned a LOT;The discipline, the system and most importantly how to manage my losses.

In basketball: If you control the rebound, you control the game. In trading: If you control your losses, you control your trade. 1 month and 10 days after consultation my total port is up by +41.49%


IT Professional, 36 years old

First & foremost I just want to give my warmest thanks again with my grateful heart to “BobbyAxel Rod (Boomie) because of the once in a lifetime opportunity, the knowledge he shared & imparted to me during our 1 on 1 consultation-all in one, straight forward, simple & precise system, rules I need to strictly adhered to & which indicator I need to use. I just saved thousand hours of wondering, what ifs & regrets in trading.Cheers! God bless you & your family always.

Jidarryl M. Mangune

Architectural Superintendent, 36 years old

My experience about during the session is , I thought you are very strict in time then I come late due to heavy traffic. I thought you will be angry or you may have other schedule. But then my expectation is contrary your not angry and very approachable.. About the momentum trading you teach is a mind opening specially on on how to exit because I can enter easily but to getting with a gain and then drop to lose due to greed. The best part is the money management specially on position sizing to protect profits.

About your attitude, I can say that you are a good person, so approachable and the way you teach is clear and precise. Well, thank you for your system and is worth it.

Jeff Paguila

Computer Engineer, 29 years old

“The session with you is worth every cent you asked for! although i am familiar with risk management and position sizing, the session with you has taught me so much more in my entries for momentum stocks.

For those who were lucky to book a session with John, congrats! You have just been saved from making costly mistakes in this unforgiving market!”


Financial Advisor, 49 years old

I learned a lot from position sizing, risk management, and locking profits… in just ONE DAY! Now, I have discipline and confidence in my trading.

Clyd Steven S. Tito

Electronics Engineer, 24 years old

So lucky to be mentored by you even for just an hour! kahit ako naguguluhan sa dami ng indicators ko pero na-simplify lahat yun sa session. the simpler, the better talaga. sulit na sulit ang 1 hour dahil naliwanagan ang utak ko sa mga maling ginagawa ko.

after our session, i don’t enter a trade anymore without a plan which is a big, big improvement from what i used to do. i’m confident that i already have a solid foundation to build on as i continue learning and gaining experience from the market. my biggest enemy right now is myself – i need to learn how to control my emotions and stick to my plans. but i know i’ll get there! thanks for pointing me to the right direction!


Writer, 39 years old

Have a privilege to have a 1 on 1 live session with the champion trader in PH on March 15, 2018. Thank you laoban for sharing your boomie setup very simplistic and straightforward momentum style setup. And your risk management and positioning sizing technique is superb. I started to apply this new arsenal in my trading this is a sure leverage for me.



“It helps me gaining my confidence in trading, the discipline of the risk management allows me to think for the long term journey of trading and survive this long marathon run, A winning mindset from sir Bobby made my decision to go full time in trading. Thank you very much sir for the lessons worth to treasure”

Martin Broqueza

Civil Engineer, 29 years old

Unfortunately with the tough market we have this time I was not able to gain any profits and still in my losses before and after the consultation. But one thing is for sure I was able to limit my losses because of the risk management that you taught me.



Learned a lot about risk management. I now plan my trade beforehand and patiently wait for the proper set-up. My portfolio is up 11% as of this writing.


Accountant, 36 years old

First off, thanks again for the 1 on 1 consultation you provided, even though the time was limited and compressed, I managed to get key points especially on risk management importance. I still need to be more disciplined and give more time coming up with trading plans so I can execute better.

Stanley Teh

Application / Web Developer, 33 years old

Lodi super thank you po sa 1-on-1 session last february 6, 2018. simple pero solid. regarding sa proper entry and profit taking ,salamat sa advise atlis ngayon alam ko kung saan ako mgaadjust sa system ko. Moreover, sa other use ng MACD super thanks. at higit sa lahat ang proper risk management. dame ko narealize sa maling approach ko. Sana marami p kayo mtulungan n tulad kong nagsisimula p lng. keep it up sir.Godbless!!

After the Session, it doesn’t mean that you have the holy grail in stock market to win. It’s still you after all, your discipline,risk management,your willingness to learn even in a harsh environment and the determination to be a champion.

Grit and Grind!!


Mr. Hughes

Engineer-Freelancer, 28 years old

Had an excellentl session with Master Yu.
He taught me more than what I expected. I was mainly looking for a legit plan and risk management for my trading. Overall, I have much deeper understanding in trading now and I am looking forward to carry what he taught me throughout my goal to become full time trader. Looking forward to have an advance lesson with him.


Bilingual Virtual Assistant, 27 years old

Nung una pinapanuod ko lang ang trading cup nila,,at sabi ko gagaling nila,,,Pero bilib ako kay idol bobby dahil sa tight loss niya.,( Risk Management) .,kita naman sa mga trade niya.,.,More important is protect the capital kung mali ka.,.Cutloss kaagad.,,and then nag avail ako ng consultation niya para maliwanag ako.,.,Sabi nga nila Knowledge muna.,.,at yun boom,, ganun pala yun.,.Dapat lagi may plano at wag bara bara.,.,Direct to the point ang ituturo niya.,., Sa ngayon may setup na palagi bago pa ang market magbukas!!! HIGLY RECOMMENDED ko siya sa inyo.,,Maraming salamat.,.,sa mga nagavail congrat sa atin!!Bommmmmiiiieee!!! Cheeerrrsss!!

Wally Boy Villas

OFW, 28 years old

Sir matsala sa binigay niyong time para sa mga katulad kong naliligaw pa sa merkado. Sa mga sinulat kong tanong bago pa man tayo magkita e nasagot lahat nung ineexplain nyo pa lang yung set-up and strategy! Lalo na yung RISK MANAGEMENT on how to protect your capital para tumagal ka sa larangang ito, it’s a big eye opener sa akin yun…And yung simplicity ng set-up and trading plan, Ashtig!! Pati yung reference na nabanggit niyo sir, pag-uwi ko,ayun agad tinignan ko and then….BOOMIIEEE!!!, nagising ang natutulog na dragon! Salamat sir at binigyan niyo ako ng sandata sa laban na ito at ngayon it’s up to me kung paano ko ito gagamitin moving forward. Salamat din sa advice sir na DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY .
What more can i say?? BOOOOMMMIIEEEE!!! Matsala sir! and God Bless!
Experience after the session:
Nakakasurvive in this bloody market dahil sa RISK Management at position sizing na tinuro niyo po sa akin. Though maliit lang ang capital ko, what i’m after is the process, parang yung capital ko na yung tuition fee ko, hehe. But i still need to learn more and not stop on grinding. Every trade is a learning experience for me. Yung mga tinuro niyo po sir is an eye opener for me and with that I’m very thankful sir! Matsala!

Michael R. Serra

Network Engineer, 35 years old

Im grateful in having the chance to get a one on one session with John. After studying the system several days after the consultation, I realized how systematic and scientific the system is, where the system will protect the capital by controlling the volume of shares that one buys based on the volatility of that specific stock and ones capital. Mathemathecally, it all made sense! Because of John, I now have a solid PLAN.

Michael Canlas

Architect/Facade Consultant, 43 years old